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Treating Post-ICU Brain Dysfunction with Empathy

  Until recently, there was one goal of care in medical, surgical, cardiovascular, and trauma ICUs: to save the patient’s life. Physicians across the board agree that critical illness requiring a stay in an intensive care unit (ICU) is life-changing. But within the last few decades, healthcare professionals have become more and more aware of the suffering of the many

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WEED 101: Recreational Marijuana, the Human Body, and Recreational Legalization

STANFORD, CA—As we stood in front of the mirror brushing our teeth a few weeks ago, my friends agreed that smoking cigarettes is bad. The Center for Disease Control, the American Lung Association, and anyone with an internet connection and a brain tend to agree on this one.[1] The irrefutable toxicity, the nefarious campaigns of the tobacco industry, the outlandish

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What is El Niño?

It’s an El Niño year. The news is blowing up about it—Indonesia is on fire, Texas is under water, and Californians invoke the holy “El Niño” in hopes that above average rainfall will end the Drought in addition to causing flooding and mudslides (sadly, it will not). What are these people talking about? How does this mysterious ocean oscillation work?

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