Core Team:

Amanda Urke (‘19)

IMGP9570Amanda Urke is an undergraduate at Stanford University. She is pre-med and pursuing a major in bioengineering, and when not in lab can be most likely found in the pool with the Stanford synchronized swimming team. Shoot her an email at to get in touch!



Annika Brakebill (‘19)

IMGP9588Annika Brakebill ‘19 is a guitar player, trail runner, biology-major-er, and lover of all things quirky and weird in science. Topics especially close to her heart include hearts, ungulates, and ocean circulation. “The musk ox can live in the harsh conditions of the arctic tundra because its 24″ long hair and woolly undercoat ward off frost and provide insulation. It has a sturdy build. It looks like a huge dust mop on hooves, [its] long hair reaching almost to the ground. ” – Blue Planet Biomes. Contact:


Christina Kohlmann (‘18)
Financial Officer

unknownChristina is an undergraduate student studying Biology and completing the Notation in Science Communication. Her past research interests have included ecological microbiology, Cold War history, and direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs; she hopes to learn more about the human microbiome and factors that influence health disparities. When not in class, Christina likes to take photos, swing dance, and volunteer. Contact:



Lisa Manzanete (‘19)
Events Coordinator and Web Developer
unknown-4Lisa is trying to make some sense out of human biology, the gut microbiota, and what she wants to do with her life. She loves the intersection of the social and hard sciences, particularly how they relate to health, and plans to pursue an MD/PhD after undergrad. “New research indicates that bacterial community that inhabits any given human belly button is so unique that it can be used to identify the person, just like a fingerprint.”  -Belly Button Biodiversity Project. Contact anytime at

Editorial Board:

Sheridan Rea (’19)
Photo and Citations Editor
14233150_660583414102772_6352013058531177569_nSheridan Rea is pursuing a major in Biology at Stanford University with plans to attend medical school. She combines her interest in photography with her passion for science and teaching by working with Fascinate writers to make their articles more visually engaging. When she’s not studying for her next midterm, volunteering in the emergency department, or planning her next adventure abroad, you can usually find her out on the dance floor Lindy hopping to her heart’s content. Contact her at


Shelby Parks

Shelby is a pre-med Biochemistry major pursuing a minor in Creative Writing and a Notation in Science Communication. She is originally from Denver, Colorado and her favorite activities include skiing, hiking, and reading. She is also on the club lacrosse team at Stanford. Contact:



Jeramiah Winston (’19)




Maria Maguire (‘19)

IMGP9430Maria Maguire is a sophomore planning on majoring in biology and is interested in biochemical research, particularly in in stem cells.  She also enjoys swimming, spending time with her friends, reading, and dogs.  Contact:




Max Melin (‘19)
unknown-1Originally from Minnetonka, Minnesota, Max is now a sophomore at Stanford University. He is studying Biology as well as Music, Science, and Technology. His involvement with various music ensembles, research, and the Stanford Men’s Ultimate Team have also been valuable experiences to him while at Stanford. Email him at with any comments or questions!



Bobby Radecki (‘20)
unknown-2Quirky, fun-loving, enthusiastic, and bubbly are just a few words that would describe Bobby Radecki, a freshman writer for Fascinate. Originally from a small suburb of Washington D.C. called Silver Spring, Bobby is thrilled to be out in California where he can enjoy some of his favorite activities—running, hiking, skiing, and backpacking—in a beautiful climate. When he’s not outside, Bobby can often be found building Legos, raising class spirit in Frosh Council, watching Modern Family, or reading Popular Science. Contact Bobby at