Core Team:

Mailo Numazu (’20)


Mailo is a senior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in women and children’s health. She is also in the process of completing a Notation in Science Communication to improve her skills in helping people of all backgrounds learn about cool science topics. In her free time, you can find her dancing with Stanford Swingtime or relaxing with a book. Contact her about anything at







Julia Thompson (‘21)



Julia is a junior at Stanford majoring in aeronautics and astronautics. She is also involved in the Stanford Student Space Initiative, where she’s co-leading a project to launch a rocket off a balloon. In her free time, she stays engaged in politics, writing, baseball, guitar, and ice skating. Feel free to contact her at!




Yoni Lerner (‘21)


Yoni is a junior studying computer science. In his copious free time he enjoys philosophy, writing, D&D, and keeping up with recent science happenings. When he’s not staring at his computer, Yoni can be found running, playing Humans vs. Zombies, and going to events all around campus. Contact Yoni at 






Richa Gupta (’21)
Financial Officer

richa gupta_headshot

Richa Gupta is a junior studying Management Science and Engineering and Creative Writing. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship, poetry, and mental health awareness. Contact Richa at!





Bhagirath Mehta (’21)
Web Developer


Bhagirath is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. He is interested in engineering, math, inventions and their fusion with the arts to help serve humanity. Bhagirath likes to plank and write in the third-person. In his free time, Bhagirath likes solving puzzles, watching Scooby-Doo and making new recipes. Contact him at!




Richard Coca (’22)
Communications Officer 


A dark horse and a workhorse, Richard strives towards bettering himself and helping others on the way. He understands that perfection is a process and one that isn’t necessarily easy. Contact him at!




Aspen Stuart-Cunningham (’22)
Outreach and Recruitment Officer


Aspen Stuart-Cunningham is a sophomore studying physics and science communication. She loves learning about the universe, futuristic technologies, sociology, and creative writing. Aspen wants to show future generations how exciting science can be, and she hopes to open a science theme-park in the future. In her free time, Aspen loves to sing a capella with Stanford Counterpoint, write fantasy stories, and collect colorful earrings. Contact her at!