Core Team:


Christina Kohlmann (‘18)

unknownChristina is an undergraduate student studying Biology and completing the Notation in Science Communication. Her past research interests have included ecological microbiology, Cold War history, and direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs; she hopes to learn more about the human microbiome and factors that influence health disparities. When not in class, Christina likes to take photos, swing dance, and volunteer. Contact:


Amanda Urke (‘19)
Urke23957_113-ArtAmanda Urke is an undergraduate at Stanford University. She is pre-med and pursuing a major in bioengineering, and when not in lab can be most likely found in the pool with the Stanford synchronized swimming team. Shoot her an email at to get in touch!




Maria Maguire (‘19)
Financial Officer
Maria Maguire is a junior majoring in biology and is interested in biochemical research, particularly in stem cells.  She also enjoys swimming, spending time with her friends, reading, and dogs.  Contact:




Anika Sinha (’21)
Events and Programming Officer


Anika is a freshman at Stanford University, potentially majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Psychology. She enjoys learning about the inner workings of the brain, cancer biology, and women’s health. Anika hopes to attend medical school in the future, and pursue her goal of becoming an Ob-Gyn physician. Originally from the Bay Area, she spends much of her free time scoping the culinary gems of her diverse community, obsessively watching the Food Network, playing with her 10-year-old sister, or popping way too many gummy vitamins on the daily. For any questions/comments, feel free to contact her at


Jennifer Parker (’19)
Web Developper
img_3381.jpgJennifer is an undergraduate bioengineering major passionate about stem cell therapeutics and tissue regeneration. Time outside of class is often spent differentiating stem cells in a dermatology lab; however, she also finds herself at the Red Barn as a member of the Stanford Equestrian Team. A former international competitive figure skater, Jenn also love’s to spend her limited free time at a rink! Fun fact: Over 90% of cotton, soybean and corn farm land in the United States is used to grow genetically modified crops. Reach out to her at


Grayson Melby (’19)
Recruitment and Outreach Officer
GraysonGrayson is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She is interested in renewable energy and using engineering to promote sustainability. Grayson is a member of the Stanford squash team, and she explains to someone what squash is at least once a day. When she’s not working on psets or chasing a ball around a little glass box, Grayson sometimes likes to go outside. She loves hiking and backpacking with friends. Email her @ to ask what squash is or chat about engineering!

Editorial Board:

Annika Brakebill (‘19)
IMGP9588Annika Brakebill ‘19 is a guitar player, trail runner, biology-major-er, and lover of all things quirky and weird in science. Topics especially close to her heart include hearts, ungulates, and ocean circulation. “The musk ox can live in the harsh conditions of the arctic tundra because its 24″ long hair and woolly undercoat ward off frost and provide insulation. It has a sturdy build. It looks like a huge dust mop on hooves, [its] long hair reaching almost to the ground. ” – Blue Planet Biomes. Contact:


Marlies Michielssen (’21)
MarliesMarlies is a freshman interested in Management Science & Engineering and Environmental Engineering. She enjoys learning about agriculture and water systems, and loves spending time with friends and family. Contact Marlies at



Hanna Payne ‘19
hannahpayne.pngHanna is a junior majoring Human Biology with a focus Conservation and Sustainability. She likes mint chocolate chip ice cream and island beats and denim, and books about dragons, and really any dog that will let her pet it. She’s a little bit of a scientist and a little bit of a storyteller, and loves exploring the intersections environmental research and social justice issues through photography and journalism. Find her living on a sailboat in a few years, but she’ll probably be off the grid, so contact Hanna while you can! @


Jeramiah Winston (’19)


An art major with a penchant for the unknown, Jeramiah uses his art and graphic design skills to enhance various articles. He enjoys comics, paintings, musicals, and science.




Yoni Lerner (’21)
YoniYoni is a freshman looking to study computer science. In his copious free time he likes to learn about chemistry, physics, and recent science happenings. When he’s staring at his computer you can find him all around campus at events from every club and group. Contact Yoni at




Lisa Manzanete (‘19)
unknown-4Lisa is trying to make some sense out of infectious disease, the gut microbiota, and what she wants to do with her life. She loves the intersection of the social and hard sciences, particularly how they relate to health, and plans to pursue an MD/MPH after undergrad. “New research indicates that bacterial community that inhabits any given human belly button is so unique that it can be used to identify the person, just like a fingerprint.”  -Belly Button Biodiversity Project. Contact her anytime at


Mailo Numazu (‘20)
Picture1Mailo Numazu ’20 is a Human Biology major intending on concentrating in biomedical science and/or global health. She is a total infectious disease nerd and is interested in the global interconnections that the study of health and disease reveals. She plans on going to med school and either going into patient care or research. When she’s not nerding out about viruses, you can find her swing dancing with Stanford Swingtime, watching great TV, or reading a book. Feel free to contact her at!


Amelia Traylor ‘20
Picture1Amelia is a sophomore at Stanford University studying Biomechanical Engineering and pursuing a Notation in Science Communication. She is from Peachtree City, Georgia and was inspired to pursue engineering with a medical emphasis by her father’s kidney transplants. Amelia works to promote gender equality in STEM through outreach with the Stanford Society of Women Engineers and also enjoys working with Stanford Biodesign on a project based medical device design class. In her spare time, Amelia greatly enjoys singing and is a member of the Stanford Chamber Chorale.


Julia Thompson ‘21
Julia is a freshman at Stanford University.  She has not yet declared a major, but she is considering Symbolic Systems, Chemistry, or Political Science.  Statistics, robotics, and creative writing are some of her many passions.  When not writing, she is typically rollerblading, practicing with Stanford Club Baseball, playing piano, or making crafts.


Chloe Levin (‘21)
Chloe is an undergraduate at Stanford University. She has not declared a major yet, but she is interested in the ocean and everything that lives in it, potential renewable energy resources, and attempting to speak Spanish with native speakers. In her free time, she likes finding new music for her radio show, dogspotting, and talking about LGBTQ+ issues. Contact her at ‘