Core Team:

Jennifer Parker (’19)

img_3381.jpgJennifer is an undergraduate bioengineering major passionate about stem cell therapeutics and tissue regeneration. Time outside of class is often spent differentiating stem cells in a dermatology lab; however, she also finds herself at the Red Barn as a member of the Stanford Equestrian Team. A former international competitive figure skater, Jenn also love’s to spend her limited free time at a rink! Fun fact: Over 90% of cotton, soybean and corn farm land in the United States is used to grow genetically modified crops. Reach out to her at


Marlies Michielssen (‘21)

MarliesMarlies is a sophomore studying Management Science & Engineering and Environmental Systems Engineering. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and enjoys learning about water treatment technologies. Hobbies include talking about the great state of Michigan and learning the official rules of spikeball. Contact Marlies at



Yoni Lerner (‘21)

yoniYoni is a sophomore studying computer science. In his copious free time he enjoys philosophy, writing, D&D, and keeping up with recent science happenings. When he’s not staring at his computer, Yoni can be found running, playing Humans vs. Zombies, and going to events all around campus. Contact Yoni at 




Richa Gupta (’21)
Financial Officer

richa gupta_headshotRicha Gupta is a sophomore studying Management Science and Engineering, originally from Bangalore, India. She is interested in finance, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing, and hopes to pursue a career in these fields. In her free time, she loves writing poetry and engaging in mental health awareness initiatives.




Amanda Urke (‘19)
Senior Advisor

Urke23957_113-ArtAmanda Urke is an undergraduate at Stanford University. She is pre-med and pursuing a major in bioengineering, and when not in lab can be most likely found in the pool with the Stanford synchronized swimming team. Shoot her an email at to get in touch!




Mailo Numazu (’20)
Recruitment and Outreach Officer

Picture1Mailo Numazu ’20 is a Human Biology major intending on concentrating in biomedical science and/or global health. She is a total infectious disease nerd and is interested in the global interconnections that the study of health and disease reveals. She plans on going to med school and either going into patient care or research. When she’s not nerding out about viruses, you can find her swing dancing with Stanford Swingtime, watching great TV, or reading a book. Feel free to contact her at


Julia Thompson (’21)
Web Developer 

IMG_0244Julia Thompson is a sophomore at Stanford studying chemistry, symbolic systems, and political science.  She loves competing with the Mars rover team in Stanford Student Robotics and working with the Student Space Initiative’s satellites, policy, and biology teams.  She is also a member of many political communities on campus. Writing, baseball, guitar, and rollerblading are some of her many hobbies. She is passionate about mental health and women’s health and hopes to explore health policy further.  Feel free to contact her at


Richard Coca (’22)
Communications Officer 

pasted image 0A dark horse and a workhorse, Richard strives towards bettering himself and helping others on the way. He understands that perfection is a process and one that isn’t necessarily easy. In his free time, Richard enjoys volunteering to better his community and provide better opportunities to other. He enjoys bridging the gap between the sciences and the general public. When you are free, shoot him an email about biology, books, or even how your day is going. Contact him at

Editorial Board:

Grace Wang (‘22)

unnamedGrace Wang is a freshman at Stanford University who has absolutely no idea what to major in, but is currently looking at Human Biology and Symbolic Systems. She loves exploring topics related to neuroscience and psychology, and is passionate about mental health from both scientific and sociological perspectives. In her free time, Grace is also a classical pianist who aims to expand her horizons into jazz and music production.





Elena Berman (‘21)

Elena Berman is a sophomore studying computer science and modern languages. She is interested in the application of technology to healthcare and is passionate about effective communication, from learning languages to writing about science. In her free time, she likes to run. Feel free to reach out at



Lisa Manzanete (‘19)
IMG_0225Lisa is an undergrad at Stanford studying infectious disease and public health and one of the four original co-founders of Fascinate! She adores microbes, from studying the basic biology of the bacterium C. difficile to exploring how infections function on the scale of human populations. In her free time, she likes running, singing oldies hits with Stanford Side by Side, and starting DIY projects but never finishing them. Please send science facts, science memes and your comments, questions, and concerns to



Chandler Watson (‘21)

18121044_109549436275460_9128621851875671997_o-1Chandler is a computer science nerd turned Mathematics major with a passion for computer vision, ironic memes, and surprisingly vulnerable conversation. He’s fond of fields with strong mathematical structure, and in his spare time enjoys teaching himself useless hobbies (like speedcubing and poor piano fakebooking) and fearlessly approaching strangers’ dogs.

The dogs usually seem to like him.

Contact me at



Matthew Smith (‘21)

IMG_20180920_224816_477Matt Smith is a sophomore at Stanford University, currently deciding between Materials Science, Chemistry, and Classics. A proud son of the Midwest, he enjoys fishing, camping, and casseroles of anonymous materials, and he will fight anyone who dare suggest that Missouri is part of the South. Matt hopes to introduce people to the rich history of science, as well as current areas of materials and energy research. Matt enjoys acting, fiction-writing, and the niche Irish sport of Hurling. He’d like to own a farm someday.



Aspen Stuart-Cunningham (‘22)

pasted image 0-2.pngAspen Stuart-Cunningham is a freshman at Stanford University, potentially majoring in Physics. She loves learning about the universe, futuristic technologies, sociology, and creative writing. Aspen wants to show future generations how exciting science can be, and she hopes to open a science theme-park in the future. In her free time, Aspen loves to play soccer, sing a capella with Stanford Counterpoint, write fantasy stories, and collect colorful earrings and fuzzy socks.



Annika Brakebill (‘19)

IMGP9588Annika Brakebill is a Biology major with dual citizenship in Tennessee and Texas. This school year (2018-19), Annika is studying hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells, science communication, and mariachi guitar. Her other interests include biking, running, and playing the guitar some more. Contact:



Amelia Traylor (‘20)

unnamedAmelia is studying Mechanical Engineering and pursuing a Notation in Science Communication. She is from Peachtree City, Georgia and was inspired to pursue engineering with medical applications by her father’s kidney transplants. Amelia works to promote gender equality in STEM with the Stanford Society of Women Engineers and also enjoys working with Stanford Biodesign on a project based medical device design class. In her spare time, Amelia is a member of the Stanford Chamber Chorale and works in a laboratory in the Radiation Oncology department.



Bhagirath Mehta (‘22)

unnamed-2Bhagirath is a freshman majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. He is interested in engineering, math, inventions and their fusion with the arts to help serve humanity. Bhagirath  likes to plank and write in the third-person. In his free time, Bhagirath likes solving puzzles, watching Scooby-Doo and making new recipes.