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Spotting the Seatrout: Researchers from NOAA Reveal the Reasons for the Angler’s Curtailed Catch

Nestled between flats boats and fishermen, researchers from NOAA are revealing the reasons for the angler’s curtailed catch. 

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Colombian Jungle Cows to Syrian Social Media: Researching Leishmaniasis

Dusk has fallen in the jungle outside of Tumaco, Colombia. A team of researchers has traveled via jeeps and canoes to the western side of the country, leaving behind the glimmering lights of the Cali metropolitan area. They load the supplies for their remote three-day expedition and placate perhaps the most important item of their trek, a cow borrowed from

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HIV: Where are we now?

In 1981, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a report describing HIV for the first time.  It detailed the account of five young gay men in Los Angeles who had fallen ill to opportunistic infections, which a healthy person can fight off fairly easily.[3]  There was no treatment for this disease that was causing otherwise healthy people to succumb

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Alternative Science? The future of science research in Trump’s America

By: Lloyd Lyall Trump’s attitudes on medicine and the environment might be some of the most striking disavowals of science in the modern world. The president has labelled climate change a “hoax created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing noncompetitive,”2 and claimed “new ‘environmentally friendly’ lightbulbs cause cancer.”3 Fracking poses “zero health risks,”4 and vaccines

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“Scientists like to gossip about Science” and other insights with Dr. Joseph Lipsick

  My favorite class I’ve taken at Stanford thus far happened freshman fall. After the class ended, I got to sit down with my professor, Dr. Joseph Lipsick, and learn a little more about his life, his research, and the MD-PhD life. Here’s some background info to keep you on-track: His lab, Lipsick Laboratory, is studying a group of genes

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Misconceptions About Stem Cells: What You May Not Know Can Hurt Us All

What do you think of when you hear “stem cells?” Like most people, your perception of them may be vague.  This cloudy understanding may even be accompanied by fear and distrust.  Stem cells are cells that have the potential to become a variety of different body cells, ranging from the cells that line our organs to the cells that compose

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Advances in the Computational Sciences

Help the military test new weaponry. Search for new particles of matter. Find better approximations for Schrodinger’s Equation. With the rapid advances in the computational sciences, a relatively new field that uses advanced computing abilities and data analysis to solve complicated problems, many previously unimaginable computational applications are becoming possible. Researchers for and officials in the military need to computationally

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